Hey guys! My name is Deja (day-jah) and I am a sweet-tea-loving, thrill-seeking mom with a Bachelor’s in Accounting and a minor in Computer Information Systems.

Although I went to school for accounting and tech, I am very much into DIY projects, baking, and finding peace and freedom in life. I focus on optimism and living my life to the fullest and I want to help you do the same.

Why did I start blogging:

Well, let me give you a little more background first. I was in college from 2014 (18y) to -2023 (27y). I know what you are thinking “damn that is a long time.” Yes, it was. I was in a bad relationship where I became depressed and lost focus for many years (took many breaks).

While in college, I had 3 jobs. One was at a Japanese Restaurant where I worked as a hostess up until I became a manager (mind you this is a dinner-only restaurant, so great for my college schedule). My second job was being a mom to my handsome son who I had when I was 22. My third job I actually got my senior year at a company called Twilio (current “real job”) where I started as an intern and moved to an Associate Technical Support Engineer.

Exhaustion is an understatement. I had trouble with time management, productivity, taking care of myself, and many other things. I used to try and research better ways to organize my life but had trouble finding information that related to my situation. It was always a SAHM, a full-time working mom, or a mom in college but I had a hard time finding information for single moms who were in school and working (his father is in his life but does not help financially). I tried a lot of techniques, tricks, and suggestions to help get my life on a stress-free track.

The biggest question I get asked by everyone (friends, family, even employers) is how I do it. I say the same thing each time, I just do. I do not complain, or get upset, I deal with it and keep going. Something life has taught me is that complaining does not help anyone; it actually hinders you because your mind becomes filled with negative thoughts and so all you see or hear is negative. When you change your mindset, you change your life. Positive thoughts, bring positive energy, happiness, love, and better financial decisions.

So I created this blog to help people like you, learn to be happy with who you are, and build healthy habits one day at a time. We all go through obstacles but how you handle them will determine your future.

I want you to know that no matter what, you are not alone!